Check Kerala State Voter ID Application Status CEO Online website

By | March 10, 2019

How to Check Kerala state voter ID Application status 2019 through CEO website at (or)

Kerala Voter id card is one of the most legal documents that individual need. Voter’s ID card is an identity proof provided to the eligible voters, using which they can cast their vote in the election of their respective states, municipalities and in national elections 2019.

Voter ID is also serves as an identity proof for identity proof Indian citizens, which was also used as general identity, Address and age proof.

Every citizen who was above the age of 18 is eligible to get the voter ID. To apply for the new Voter ID card one has to apply on prescribed (form-6) of Election Commission of India (EC) attached with original proof of Identity card, Indian nationality, age and residence.

Kerala State Voter ID Application Status 2019

You can apply by through online or by approaching to the municipal corporations of your area.

After applying to the voter ID application the Election Commission of India had avail some facilities to the citizens to know the application status through online or by SMS.

Then how to check the status of a voter ID application in Kerala State?

In this we provide you the information about how to check the voter id status of Kerala state through the state CEO website and through the SMS.

The below is the process to know the status of Kerala voter ID card through online.

How to know the status of Voter ID application status through Kerala state CEO website?

The below are the steps to follow to know the status of voter ID card through online via Kerala state CEO website.

  1. To know the status of your voter ID applications Status visit the official website of the Kerala State Chief Election Officer Official website.
  2. Then the home page of the website will display on the screen, in that click on the “our services” option.
  3. In that click on the option called “Track Application Status”.
  4. In that enter the “Reference ID” through that you got at the time of voter ID registration forms.
  5.  And then click on the “Track Status” option.
  6. After that the status of your application is displayed on the screen.

One can also know their application status by National Voters Services Portal “NVSP” official website.

To know the status of voter ID card through NVSP first of all login to the “National Voters Services Portal” official website.

To access the NVSP website click on the official link.

Kerala State Voter ID Application Status 2019 at CEO Online website

How to know the Status of Kerala Voter ID Card Application Status through SMS?

Voter card is not only used for exercising the vote and also used as the official document for the citizens of India.

The below are the steps to follow to know the status of your voter card application through SMS.

  • Type ELE<space> voter ID number and send it to the electoral officer number of Kerala to 54242/537252.
  • After sending the message to that number you will get the status of your application through SMS.

By following the above processes you will know the status of your voter ID application.

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